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"Those who aim at the eye of the fish, do not get distracted by the obstacles in life." Dr. Bharat Prashar

I have always welcomed challenges in life. Aurobindo International School is my dream come true. It gives me immense pleasure to see the children performing different activities in this grand building. Times have changed. Gone are the days when education was confined to what the teacher had imparted. Today the children are more advanced. They have lot of knowledge of the outer world. Thus, the mentors also have to be smart enough to handle the 21st century generation. It has now become very important to educate heart along with the mind.


Dr. Bharat Prashar



Ms. Karuna Nagpal


"Education is not mere learning books, Getting grades & scoring high. It is adorning the values, and leaving an impression on everything on the Earth." Ms. Karuna Nagpal

I believe in achieving the dreams. Sounds big and strange, but if strong determination along with positive attitude is there nothing is impossible. ‘I CAN’ should be the motto of life and one could easily achieve the dreams. What matters in life is bringing up your children with all the basic needs, teach them values of life that you are known by their names, make them smart enough to tackle the world, teach them to save everything they have cherished for the coming generation, teach them to be self dependent and strive to make their dreams come true. Any task could be accomplished only through proactive enthusiasm, never by imaginary thoughts alone. Even the lion has to make efforts to catch its prey, the prey doesn’t enter lion’s mouth while he is having a nap.

I wish to prepare the foundation with the same perspective so that they welcome the precious stones in the crown of their castle, of course their dreams.


In our mission to provide world class education, we have at our core the concept “Each child matters” and believe in giving students problems to solve rather than answers to memorize.

  • Awards

    Awards are a way to encourage good behaviour and inculcate competitive spirit. AIS organizes award ceremony every year to encourage its students.

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  • Library Session

    A learning space having equitable access to books and reading, to information and information technology for all members.

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  • Sports

    Games and sports are an integral part of student’s life. A student should also play games and sports to enjoy the health and vigor of life.

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  • Transportation

    A secure transport facility is provided by the school. The transportation has been outsourced but the safety & security is at major concern.

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  • Facilities

    Aurobindo International School is a lush green campus that provides all facilities to thier students in the modern education era.

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  • Qualified Teachers

    The highly qualified and well experienced staff of AIS not only aims for academic enrichment but the proves to be most influential role models to their students.

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Students can always find something new and fun to try, thanks to a varied calendar of special school club events throughout the school year.

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It is imperative that games and sports occupy prominent place in the school curriculum. Like-wise,co-curricular activities leading to creative activities pursued happily for rest go a long way in contributing to the wholesomeness of education.

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