Workshop on enhance teaching skills of teachers

A two day workshop was conducted in Aurobindo International School to enhance teaching skills of teachers The topic of workshop was: “How to be an Amazing Teacher” Conducted by Ms. Priti Kaushik in collaboration with XSEED Education. She was accompanied by Mr. Mridul Dhiman (Regional Head for Rajasthan) Mr. Prashast Singh (Education Development Manager for Jaipur and Rajasthan East) Mr. Anmol Agarwal (Education Development Manager for Bikaner) They all gave a brief introduction to: Theory of multiple intelligence and need of new educational reforms • 21st Century skill required in children • XSEED’s 5-A Step Teaching Learning Methodology Ms. Priti gave the essence of an Amazing Teacher i.e. 5 E’s • Enthusiasm • Expertise • Empathy • Empowerment • Enterprise The faculty advisor explained the content with various examples to motivate every teacher attending her session. Teacher’s found it to be a very interesting and knowledgeable learning experience.

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